As a cooper’s partner, Girondor supports you in your objectives. Our design office is at your disposal to create 3D drawings and the production of your steel tools. For example, we can assist you in equipping your heater and workshop.


Girondor can provide you with accessories that are specifically dedicated to or designed for your business Like your hoops, some of them can be customized upon request.


Girondor makes your galvanized steel tank and/or foudre hoops with the same guarantees of quality and responsiveness as for your barrels. Our industrial expertise allows us to custom-make your hoops according to your requirements for length, thickness and conicity.

Standard sections: 70X3, 70X4 and 60X4. Other sizes upon request (max width 100mm)


Girondor supports you in your quest for ever greater precision and regularity. To this end, we offer custom manufacturing of your heating hoops via numerical control. All our heating hoops are made with HEL (High Elastic Limit) galvanized steel.

Galvanization prevents rust marks on your barrels.

The HEL index provides a guarantee of longevity and regularity, avoiding deformation of your hoop.

For your organization, your heating hoops are identified by indelible external engraving. Prototypes produced upon request for your approval. 50X5 and 40X5 standard sections.


Girondor offers you an alternative to the chestnut hoop with its eco-composite hoop. We developed our composite by partially integrating recycled vine shoots. Its benefits are threefold: installation is quicker, it doesn’t break, and it meets all health standards (certificate of compliance available upon request). The eco-composite hoop is suitable for your French, European and export markets. It’s also perfect for replacing broken chestnut hoops.

There are two types of eco-composite hoops: Burgundy and Bordeaux

Three sizes are available: Header BG, bilge BG and header BX.

Girondor can provide you with specially designed fasteners to facilitate the installation of the hoops. These fasteners are also suitable for chestnut hoops.


Girondor supports you in your business objectives and in your conquest of new markets through its Samblacor line. Through our unique digital printing technique on galvanized steel, we can personalize your hoops according to your or your customers’ desires.

Digital printing is done on just one side in order to maintain the advantage of the anti-slip knurling and to avoid damage during riveting and installation. Additionally, the use of ink allows us to create metallic colors to highlight your product even more.

From color to photos, logos and stamping:

Your hoop, your image.


Girondor supports you by guaranteeing quality and responsiveness throughout the entire process. Your prototypes are delivered from your existing samples or dimensions within a week.

All our hoops are made from galvanized steel purchased in France or the EU from leading steel manufacturers (Arcelor, NLMK, Thyssenkrupp, etc.). All companies are committed to reducing their carbon footprints.

We guarantee a minimum zinc thickness of 20 microns.

All our finishing hoops are coded and knurled on the inside. Coding guarantees their traceability. Knurling is an anti-slip system that facilitates the attachment of the hoops to the barrels.

Girondor can also deliver your riveted hoops via a specially designed packaging rack.